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Brief list of the conditions of  Josef Koudelka donation to the Czech Republic – in 2018.

First part of the donation to the Museum of Decorative Arts (2018)

-Theatre, 1964-1970 (60 vintage prints)

-Theatre, Three sisters (6 vintage prints)

-Black triangle, 1994 (34 vintage prints)

-Invasion 68 (series produced for the exhibition in Prague 2008, 169 photographs on 70 panels)

-Invasion 68, (14 vintage prints), contacts, Reflex magazine 1990

-Teatro del Tempo, (22 vintage prints)

-Wales, (24 vintage prints)

-Portugalsko, (17 vintage prints)

-Camarque, (25 vintage prints)

-Paříž č. XIII., (13 vitage prints)

-Panorama, (6 large panorama prints)

-Assigments, (5 vintage prints)

-Greece-Periples, (9 vintage prints)

-Danube – Ulysse´s Gaze, (1 vintage print)

Chaos, (32 vintage prints)

-(Poster and leaflet for Gypsies exhibition in Prague, 1967).

Second part of the donation to the Museum of Decorative Arts ( – still in preparation)

-Beginnings, 1958-1961, (14 vintage prints)

-Experiments, 1962-1964, (22 vintage prints)

-Gypsies, 1963-1969, (111 vintage prints)

-Invasio, 1968, (11 vintage prints)

-Exiles, 1968-1984, (65 vintage prints)

-Chaos/Panorama, 1986-2005, (46 vintage prints)

Donation to the National Gallery Prague:

-De-Creazione, (9 large panorama prints and 3 triptychs, presented in the Veletržní Palace till 23 September, 2018)

Donation to the Moravian Gallery Brno to be specified.  

Conditions of the donation

Museum is not allowed to sell the work of art or transfer ownership to a third party.

To make the works of art available for scientific and research purposes under the conditions which are customary in the leading European institutions.

Works of art shodl be at all times stored in a properly air-conditioned environment with optimal temperature and humidity values, and the storage of works of art should always follow applicable professional standards of the International Council of Museums.

Donor (or his representative – Josef Koudelka Foundation) shall have the right to inspect the proper fulfillment thereof.

In case entire series is exhibited, museum should follow the layout of the exhibition designed by the author.

To include the work of art in the permanent exhibitions of the museum.

Unless serious reason is given, the Museum shall not refuse a request from the other international or domestic respected institutions interested in the borrowing and exhibiting the works of art.

To publish the publication of list of the donation.

Caption for photograph above: Series Gypsies, Slovakia 1967 © Josef Koudelka/ Magnum Photos